We offer our clients a wide range of IT and telephony products to support their front desk team

We will work with you to ensure that the specification is right and that we are supplying just what you need.

Our prices are extremely competitive and the supply, installation and support comes with the same high standards of service you can expect from us with our FrontDesk solution.

Below are details of how we can help, but please call us on 0800 093 9100 if there is anything not included here that you require, as we have strong relationships with most manufacturers and can source pretty much anything you might need.

Servers and desktops


We can supply, set up and configure your server and all the desktops and laptops your business requires. Once in place, they will be covered by the FrontDesk support package, meaning that any and all issues that arise will be fixed at no charge*.

*Excludes the supply of new parts if required.

Broadband, internet and leased lines

We can supply and set up your broadband connections, as well as emergency back-up plans such as satellite internet, to ensure business continuity.

If you require a higher level of internet connectivity – perhaps you deal with large files and need a fast upload speed, or you have slow broadband in your area – we can supply and provision a leased line for your site.


We offer a state-of-the art VoIP telephony solution. Fully customisable to your needs, it can be scaled to companies of any size and is invoiced on a flat-fee basis, including mobile, national and most international* calls, making your budgeting and forecasting easy.

We offer a wide range of VoIP phones for purchase or rental. Those in our most popular range have touch screens and run on the Android operating system, so that they fully integrate with your Google account: all your contacts, emails and apps are available right there on your desk phone.

Other features include: call recording, voicemail (with the option to send voicemails as text or email), IVR (interactive voice response) call routing and intelligent bookings. And of course, they look fabulous.

Of course, it comes with the same level of support we are committed to provide for all of our products and services: you can make as many changes as you want to your phone system and unlimited support calls or site visits are included as standards.

*Excludes some international and premium calls.