We integrate all the technical suppliers needed to operate your front desk, including:

Internet access
Door entry systems
Check-in systems
Email/domain hosting
Peripherals (printers)
Switches & routers

Through an integrated combination of preventative and ad-hoc support, we ensure that everything is working and give staff excellent and prompt service.

We address any issues quickly and efficiently to get users back up and running as soon as possible, leaving your facilities manager free to take care of the tenants.

We manage your suppliers on your behalf and take full responsibility. No excuses!

Better Security




Best of class security protocols

We supply complete web security: all browsing is scanned by 5 different anti-virus systems before even reaching the computer.
We manage email traffic for the building: our spam filter and multi-level anti-virus screening means that only legitimate emails get through to your staff.
We backup your data to our UK-based data centre, so that in the event of loss or damage to your computer, we can restore important documents seamlessly.
We look after your facility's domain so there is no confusion.

Better Productivity




Web-browsing approved for your workplace


We can help you formulate an Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) for web-browsing, which we can implement for you.

It is fully customisable to suit your requirements.
Decide, for example, to only give access to social networking websites to your staff during lunch hours.
Decide what categories of websites are or are not acceptable.
Allow or prevent access to specifically named websites.

Better Reporting




Solving your problems before you know you have them

You need to know that the money you spend with us is being put to good use. We send your regular reports, so you are kept informed of what's happening at the FrontDesk.

In addition to weekly and monthly reporting, we provide a dedicated website enabling facilities and building managers to get an immediate summary of IT assets for every workstation they oversee whenever they need that information. website_enabling_facilities

Better Budgeting


No one likes financial surprises


Our focus is on making things easy for you, which is why we operate on a fixed fee basis. This means you can fully predict and budget for your costs, knowing that your forecasts will be accurate.

Our support packages start at just £69 per month per user, with fully itemised invoices so you have your finger on the pulse.
Lower your number of suppliers by letting us take on board some of your IT running costs, such as domain name, broadband.
We can negotiating better rates with suppliers, especially at point of renewal.
With our referral programme, the more buildings you let us look after, the more you save.

Better - even best - Support!


Our support is the best - we stand by it


You might think it is a bold statement, but this is what our clients tell us. when buildings are sold, users fight to keep us. If they have to move onto a different IT support system, every single user has said how much better they were with us.

Here are some of the support benefits you get with FrontDesk:

We commit to answering technical requests within 2 working hours, although we exceed those targets 90% of the time.

Support is from 8:30 to 17:30 from Monday to Friday, with an out-of-hours response protocol for emergencies.

Every user is given an email address and a direct Freephone number to our offices so we can address and resolve their technical issues within a best of class competitive SLA.

We provide assistance on industry specific software: El-Vis and other door-entry solutions, CCTV systems etc. We liaise on your behalf with your specialist suppliers to resolve any issue impacting your facilities.

We are happy to help you plan and implement software and hardware upgrades, all at no extra cost.