About us

OfficeAnyplace is the company behind FrontDesk

While we are enthusiastic adopters of new technology, we are essentially service driven.

We became natural partners for the building management industry due to our ability to understand their requirements and to develop robust solutions that met and exceeded those requirements.

After working with our partners for many years delivering a front desk solution, we decided in early 2015 that the time was right to bring everything together into a single branded solution, and so FrontDesk was launched.

As a business, we started life in 1985 under the name Webactive and have since evolved into OfficeAnyplace.

Originally working from Clapham, as the company expanded we decided to purchase offices in Croydon. We chose Croydon because of its excellent transport links and its proximity to our data centre.

UK based

We have always believed that we have better control over the things that are close to us

For that reason, we keep our clients’ data on servers based in the UK (within the M25 in fact) in our data centre.

While we can integrate DropBox or work with your Google Enterprise solution if you want us to, we prefer to ensure that all your data stays right here where you (and nobody else) can see it. This is why we offer similar solutions which we host ourselves on UK based servers.

In terms of suppliers, we favour working with local companies so that they are easy to reach, understand what we are talking about and can react quickly.